About Me

10 Things You Should Know About Me.

1. I’m a Lun Bawang native. My ancestors are the headhunters from the northern region of Sarawak in Lawas. I come from the lineage of Lasong Ngilo in Trusan.

2. Language. Aside from my mother tongue, I converse in English and Malay is a must. I can speak and write Mandarin too. I was sent to a Chinese primary school for 6 years. Tough one.

3. Education. I place importance of education fingers cross I hope to go all the way to claim my Doctorate.

4. Sports. An avid Malaysian sports fan. That’s why I read my newspapers from the back to front!

5. Aquarius is my star sign. Good communicator, friendly. Friends are important and hangouts with like-minded group of people either socially, politically or public service.

6. I love food. Period.

7. Relationship. The biggest loser. Many failed relationships but so much love to give.

8. I have a book of life to jot things down I want to do before I die. The list is growing day by day.

9. Stage performing is my greatest passion. I have acted in musicals. I have dance in numerous showcase. And I want to explore hosting seriously. I was a former cheerleader too.

10. I was suppose to put on my braces 15 years ago. And finally did after turning 30.

I can be contacted on email at lisa.judebenjamin@gmail.com

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