Kudeng apeh iko miak ame ku Ruran Ulung? #BeautyPageant #RuranUlung #MissMalaysia

I have been wanting to write this blog post for many years now because there are many opportunities at the door always taken for granted for many Lun Bawang girls.

So with the coming 30th annual Lun Bawang Festival, I hope this personal tips of mine would help some hopeful in guiding them.

Mutuh tudo ngecu ku ayud nih bang bala lun mebuda. 

My first exposure to Ruran Ulung was from a video recording of 1988 pageant won by then Doris Langub of Long Tuma. I would have thought her win was due to 3 things – stage confidence, poise and lastly her complete package which includes beauty, traditional gears and winning smile.

When I participated in 2010 for Padan Liu Burung, I had a closer glimpse of the hopefuls and through observations – and with the ‘ingredient’ propelled to win, I shortlisted my Top 3 who incidentally were the Top 3 winners.


Ruran Ulung 2010 – Photo credit to Elisha Batuncang

  • Ruran Ulung 2010 winner was cousin Alicia Layun Wasni, she had that complete package like Doris Langub but her final answer with conviction killed the rest.
  • Ruran Ulung 2010 first runner up and my bet Deborah Labo, also has it all. She was a crowd favorite. She has competed before and came third and coming back in it to win it. But she lost on two reasons – her traditional wear and flopping the Q&A.
  • Ruran Ulung 2010 second runner up and pageant experienced Corlina Agong. She was equipped with experience, very good stage presence and poise plus her elder sisters were former winners of Kumang Gawai and Ruran Ulung – good enough to put her in the horse race.

As I got myself involved directly with the Organization of the pageant in the later years, you tend to embrace that winning culture instilled by the previous teams of organizers and bring it on forward.

2013 was my first hands on experience with the organizing team, although the outcome wasn’t what was expected to be that became the burning desire to today’s #RUPLB program.


Ruran Ulung 2013 – Photo credit to Elisha Batuncang

This is my personal take on how to win Ruran Ulung, but definitely not a passport for you to win. Take your notes kinanak.

  1. The pageant is looking for an ideal candidate that has a good virtue and positive personality in and out – show this especially during pageant week. Bad attitude can cost a girl that spot to the top. 
  2. Lun Bawang girls are undeniably blessed with natural beauty looks, hence does not mean the crown goes to your head. You can be a favorite but always a favorite does not end up on the top. Do not let the external beauty be your only weapon alone, but equip them with personality, attitude and brains.
  3. You are a Lun Bawang, so make sure you dress like one. Pity to see out of the 19 girls competing in Ruran Ulung 2016, only 2 girls scored full marks in traditional costume. And you can be my guess who were this two girls were.
  4. Yes in the olden days our female ancestors had tracing on their bodies, BUT please make sure you know where the placements are and not simply hire an artist and paint your body all over.
  5. Having the ‘Burung Siuk’ on your head does not necessary make you a contender. Although in the olden days, the weight given to traditional costume were more heavier – but today, it doesn’t guarantee a placing.
  6. As this is a competition, and there are always a scoring sheet to adhere to. Read the scoring guidelines and excel in each category. The new scoring sheet for Ruran Ulung introduced in 2016 includes the 3 subsidiary categories for Talent, Photogenic and Tourism. But another weight is carried from the indoor judging with judges.
  7. The Q&A: just like in any beauty pageant, Q&A segment are typically asked the same year in and year out. Be prepared and don’t be a last minute.

Ruran Ulung 2016 finalist – Photo credit to Gzan Yezza Pixca

And please always remember the hair is always braced and tied within the headgear (pata) like this:


Corlina Agong, Ruran Ulung 2010 2nd runner up – Photo credit to Corlina Shonna Beck

Ensure you have the correct necklaces adorn to your chest which is the bau birar / bau alai and the bau tulang. And not some other necklaces made from the boutiques like this. That is why it is important to be at the briefing day with your complete costume so the Organizing Committee can give you input before the indoor judging with panel of judges.


Ruran Ulung 2016 finalist – Photo credit to Stephen Wen

Whatever written above is just my personal observation, and dedicated only for participating in Ruran Ulung.

When it comes to competing for Keligit Orang Ulu, it is a different ball game after all and that has its own ingredient of success.

If you wish to know more, don’t hesitate to contact me and send me a PM and I’m happy to assist.

And to register for Ruran Ulung 2017, visit the Ruran Ulung & Padan Liu Burung Facebook page and click Sign Up!


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