New Aspirations in the New Year!

Since the blog title says it all, this writing is just pouring out from within.

My hope and aspiration for 2017 lies in the two pageant running close to my heart:

1. Miss Grand Malaysia 2017 

As I do not want to spill the beans here literally but the strategy and planning in the pipeline are certainly exciting. Looking forward to the first ever pageant by the new team at MGMO, which includes state level pageant and selections and ultimately the national pageant hopes to provide pageant fans that extra excitement for the pageant industry.

Most importantly is to find that girl who will continue the fine momentum left by its predecessors including Ranmeet Jassal and Santhawan Boonratana.


The ultimate aim is to be consistent at Miss Grand International and finish with a placement, and if lucky star strikes on her – possibly Malaysia earns its first ever Grand Slam beauty pageant. The main aim is to win by 2020.

Interested? Visit

2. Ruran Ulung & Padan Liu Burung 2017 

One very close to my heart because of many reasons. Not because I am Lun Bawang. Not because I was a winner back in 2010. But because the sense of responsibility to continue to contribute to my native in the best possible way.

Lucky enough to have a team of dedicated and passionate young Lun Bawang like me to run this annual pageant held in conjunction with the Lun Bawang Festival in Lawas.

Ultimately, #RUPLB as we have branded it now will for once should stand side by side to its sister counterparts like the Kumang or even Unduk Ngadau to pave an opportunity and platform for young Lun Bawangs.

Last year, should be touted the best ever edition not just from the showcase but also the quality of delegates and the pageant program. And this year, the team only has themselves to better.


So if you happen to read this, there are three ways to do your bit:

i. Be part of the running committee and learn with the professionals running the pageant

ii. Encourage fellow Lun Bawangs to participate not just as a mere participant, but to stand and be proud of your roots

iii. Or eventually just come and watch the show – the Lun Bawang Festival. It’s an experience. It’s an entertainment. It’s enriching. 1-3 June in Lawas.

Visit: for more information.

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